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by Admin User - Tuesday, 28 June 2011, 12:20 PM


The project aims to use the religious thematic cultural value within the SEE territories jointly with local assets, human resources, infrastructures and services to develop a religious tourism able to create new job positions and generate additional income. The project elaborates a tool for decision-makers and stakeholders called the SEE Religious Tourism Model, that provides step by step guidance for them to:

- identify the religious cultural potential of their area, analyzing, assessing and capitalizing previous experiences;

- identify synergies with other projects;

- address the relevant stakeholders;

- develop ideas in order to use the religious cultural assets to develop the region;

- be able to better manage these assets;

- find funding opportunities in order to realise their proposals;

- create sustainable solutions.

Offering equal opportunities for all religions of the SEE Programme Area, the project also aims to indicate inter-religious communications and a better understanding and acceptance of each other's believes.

Project Partners:

Italy - Slovenia – Romania – Greece – Bulgaria – Hungary – Bosnia and Herzegovina